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  1. he was refused burial in consecrated ground only the president could refuse him a loan she was refused access to her children the United States has refused him a visa to refuse [o.s.] sth he refused himself the indulgence of another cake why should I refuse myself a treat now and again?
  2. May 18,  · I Refuse Lyrics: I don't wanna die alone / I don't wanna live forsaken / I refuse to let this go / Because my soul is breaking / I don't wanna let you know / That my heart is just so jaded / I.
  3. I Refuse Josh Wilson (). Download sheet music for I Refuse by Josh Wilson, from the album See You. Arranged by John Wasson in the key of D, Eb. Products for this song include chord charts, lead sheets, and the orchestration.
  4. I refuse I've always walked alone I chose the path less taken I refuse to let you win Life's a bitch and I've been shaken Its not a joke at all Inside my spirit's fading I refuse to take the fall Cause no one cares at all Wake me up when this is over I'm tired of living life like its a dream Please wake me up when its all over.
  5. I Refuse is by Per Petterson, the author of Out Stealing Horses, a book I loved. Both books share a moody feeling, a mournfulness, an elegiac quality that dominate the books, that in some ways are the books. I Refuse tells the stories of Tommy and Jim, two friends close in /5.
  6. Josh Wilson "I Refuse": Sometimes I I just want to close my eyes And act like everyone's all right When I know they're not T.

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