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  1. Familles Aubery, de Godefroy, d’Aligre et de Pomereu Seigneurs et propriétaires du Francboisier. Ces familles, par alliances, furent toutes seigneurs puis propriétaires du Francboisier, Le dernier propriétaire, Armand Michel Étienne de Pomereu, était l’arrière-arrière-arrière-arrière-petit-fils de Pierre François Aubery qui était l’ oncle de Charles Aubery, acquéreur du fief.
  2. Robert III 'mains Blanches Crusader' de Beaumont Le Roger was born about in Leicester, Leicestershire, England, Great Britain, son of Robert II 'le Bossu' de Beaumont Le Roger and Amice de Montfort. He was married in the year in Warfield, Berkshire, England, Great Britain to Péronnelle (Pernette Petronilla) de Grandmesnil, they had 10 shakalkreemalaramaralsarana.infoinfo Of Birth: England.
  3. In in Paris Robert married Amicie de Courtenay (–), daughter of Pierre de Courtenay, Seigneur de Conches, a great-grandson of Louis VI, and Perronelle de Joigny. They had three children: Mahaut (–) Philip (–) Robert (born , died young).Died: 11 July (aged 51), Battle of the Golden Spurs, .
  4. He was a farm laborer at Roc de Cambes Castle. Groupe Castel, which was founded in , is among the leading manufacturers of softdrinks, beers, and wines. Career Started in Bordeaux in by nine siblings, Groupe Castel is now run by Pierre Castel and his family.
  5. Atrium Musicæ [de Madrid], Capilla Musical y Escolanía de la Abadía de Santa Cruz del Valle de los Caídos [Fray] Luis Lozano, José Luis Ochoa de Olza, Gregorio Paniagua Ana Barat, Javier Coello, Jens-Uwe Eggers, Cristina García, Mariano Martín, Marcial Moreiras, José Luis Ochoa de Olza, Carlos Paniagua, Carmen Paniagua, Eduardo Paniagua.
  6. Robert de Bellême was the youngest son of the Earl of Shrewsbury Roger de Montgomery Gundulf was the Bishop of Rochester and the master builder of the White Tower of the Tower of London Gundulf was the builder of Colchester Castle, Rochester Castle and the famous keep, the white tower of London.

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